July 5, 2021

Covid 19  Policy  Update July 2nd, 2021

As of Thursday, June 10, SOTC no longer requires masks for fully vaccinated people during training classes and ring rentals. This is being done on the honor system. You may continue to wear a mask if you choose to or should wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated. We ask that everyone make the choice that is right for them and that we are all understanding and respectful of everyone's personal decisions so we may all train together and enjoy our dogs. At this time, there is no decision regarding wearing of masks at other club events. We are continuing to monitor the situation as events unfold.

Just a reminder that there are still no "drop in" classes and that for now class size will stay limited. Handlers must contact the individual instructors to attend classes and/or routines. Our focus is on keeping everyone safe and happy at SOTC. We are grateful for the support everyone has shown us during this difficult time and it is because of your support that the club has continued to survive and flourish.

May 20, 2021

Covid 19  Policy  Update May 18th, 2021


We thank SOTC members and friends for their support during this past year. Due to everyone's cooperation following the policy set in place when we reopened, we have been able to hold training classes and events safely.

We are aware that CDC and New York State mandates have changed. At this time SOTC will be keeping their current policy in effect. Masks will still be required to be worn while inside the building. There are still no drop-in classes or routines. Class sizes are still limited and handlers must contact the instructor to reserve a spot in a class or attend a routine.

We are continually reviewing and will be adjusting the policy as the situation changes.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation so that we may all train and participate in events safely.


December 29, 2020

We thank all of you who have been attending the club's classes & events. We appreciate your following protocols to wear masks properly, fully covering your mouth & nose and for maintaining proper social distancing.

It is important that you notify us if you test positive and have been at the club's facility. Should you test positive for Covid 19, you may not return to the facility to train for a full three weeks after the date you tested positive.

June 16, 2020

Please click on each of the links below for information about the re-opening of Suffolk Obedience Training Club which is scheduled for the week of

June 22nd. We look forward to welcoming you back or meeting you for the first time! If you have any further questions, please call the club at

631-261-6554. Thank you.

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