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**Check back frequently for future starting dates**

RALLY CLASSESRally Obedience is a fun way to continue your dog’s education. A variety of individual exercises, including turns and changes of pace will be taught. This class can be taken for the purpose of engaging your dog in interesting activities which will lessen boredom and increase bonding with you, or for preparation to enter Rally obedience competition. Either way, this is a fun and rewarding activity! For additional information on Rally exercises and trials, please visit the AKC website and/or the WCRL website, which you can access from our “Links” page.

We offer Rally classes in both the AKC and WCRL (formerly APDT) formats.


Rally classes and/or Rally run-thrus are offered periodically. Dogs must be up-to-date with their rabies and health inoculations.

Rally run-thrus are offered on Thursdays:

8:45pm: AKC and WCRL

Call for more information- 631-261-6554.


Suffolk Obedience Training Club is a 501c3 charitable organization - your donations are tax deductible